About Gamo Circus School

Who we are

The Gamo Circus School for aims to provide professional development for circus artists and dancers. This circus and dance school in Addis Ababa will provide intensive training for talented young Ethiopians to fulfill their dreams, develop sustainable careers and extend their life skills.
The name of the school “Gamo” means lion. It comes from the southern part of Ethiopia.The Gamo and Wolayeta people perform acrobatics celebrations and funerals as a mark of love and care. careers and extend their life-skills.

The Gamo Circus School concept has grown from the unique vision, skills and experience of its founder, Ethiopian-Australian circus performer, Sosina Wogayehu.


— Our Mission

To be an appropriately resourced local cultural organization committed to empowering young Ethiopian performers and creating a vibrant ongoing touring organization will directly address these needs, and make a vital and ongoing contribution to Ethiopian physical Culture.

— Our Vision

To Be Ethiopia’s leading center for the support and development of Circus, Theatre by providing Academic and practical training creative opportunities as well as sector for leader ship.

— Our Ambition

To run a world class academy for Circus ,theatre and General education.To provide a high quality creative center for Circus and theatre.


Sosina Wogayehu


Sosina grew up in Addis Ababa as a child performer with Circus Ethiopia and is now an Australian citizen with bases both in Melbourne and Addis Ababa. Sosina has toured globally with famed Australian Circus Oz and freelanced with many other companies. She is graduate of Swinburne University and of Australia’s National Institute of Circus Artist (NICA), and has links with Cirque Du Soleil in Canada and the network of performers, directors, teachers and agents around the world. Sosina in passionate not only about circus and live performance but also about helping to make a concrete difference in Ethiopian lives through developing cultural and career opportunities. The Gamo circus school exists to realize this vision.
“My dream is to provide an opportunity for all the young Ethiopian and African artists to bring their artistic talents to our world. To give them a chance to express their emotions, their wealth and their worlds through the contemporary arts of dance, circus and theater. I have the conviction that with my history, my experience and my networks throughout the world, I can contribute this dimension of ethio-african contemporary arts and create a leading organization in Ethiopia.”


2016 – Australian Circus Industry Awards, International Philanthropy Award
2013 – Awarded for the most influencial African Australian of the year Award At Parliament house Canberra
2011 –  Nominee for Help man Award For the performance of Carnival of Mistress
2007 –  Nominee for Australian of the Year Award
2004 – Finalist for Young Australian of the Year Award (Victoria) (3700 nominees throughout Australia)
2003 – Circus Princess People’s Choice Award (Stockholm)
2003 – First Australian ever to be invited to the Circus Princess competition


"her contortion is perfect, controlled and hypnotic ... her juggling act, first with three balls and ending with nine or more.  Who’d know?  They cascade in a flash and blur like a broken string of pearls before she re-knots her body to make juggling just that much harder.  She’s a gem”
The Australian
“her juggling skills areimpossible undulations”.  
The New York Times